Welcome to the REFRESH Bioinformatics Group

We are a group of researchers developing various tools for bioinformatics data analysis and processing. Our aim is to tackle complex bioinformatics problems that require a lot of resources (time, memory) and design algorithms (as well as implement them) as efficent as possible (in terms of results quality, time, and memory requirements). Our most popular tools are: KMC (k-mer counter), FAMSA (multiple sequence alignment of proteins for huge datasets), CoLoRd (cutting-edge compressor for 3rd generation sequencing data), Kmer-db (k-mer-based tools for large-scale analyses of nucleotide datasets), AGC (compressor of collections of assembled genomes).

We are a part of the Department of Algorithms and Software of Silesian University of Technology, Gliwice, Poland. Nevertheless, some of our tools were prepared in close collaboration with researchers from various universities.


23 Jul 2023

Paper describing archivizer of protein structures is deposited in bioRxiv.org.

15 May 2023

Paper describing improved version of RECONER, our short read corrector in Research Square.

1 Apr 2023

Current state of art in multiple sequence alignment reviewed in Current Opinion in Structural Biology.

17 Mar 2023

Paper describing SPLASH2, ultra-fast unsupervised discovery on raw sequencing reads is deposited in bioRxiv.

2 Mar 2023

Paper describing AGC, our compressor of genome collections is published in Bioinformatics.

23 Dec 2022

AGC 3.0 (major revision) is published.

8 Sep 2022

Paper describing Cuttlefish 2 is published in Genome Biology.

11 Aug 2022

FAMSA 2.1.2 (minor revision) is published.

19 May 2022

FAMSA 2.0.1 with a lot of new features is published.

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